Archive Dissertation/ Thesis

We are pleased to introduce the “Archive of Graduate and Postgraduate Dissertations/ Thesis”. These are resources of immense research value across academic disciplines. But, unluckily, most thesis/dissertations tend to be restricted to university libraries and archives.
Journals Consortium Postgraduate Archive provides a new and exciting way of digitally archiving postgraduate thesis/dissertations.  This enables postgraduate students to archive their thesis/ dissertations by uploading them to the Journals Consortium Postgraduate Archive platform. This not only extend these thesis/dissertations work from university libraries to the global academic community, but also gives them a global audience and better chances for these thesis/dissertations to be cited by other researchers.
Using the Open Access model, these thesis /dissertations will be freely available to all researchers by simply visiting the Journals Consortium Postgraduate Archive website. Please inform your colleagues and students of this archive and encourage them to submit their postgraduate theses/dissertations.
Postgraduate Dissertations Department