Journal of Applied Pharmacy

Journal of Applied Pharmacy (19204159) is annually published journal started in 2009. This is highly indexed and recognized journal constituted by Consortium Publisher Canada. The pharmacy is the science and technology deal with the preparation, dispensing, and development of novel drugs and treatments. The pharmacist offer the pharmaceutical care, therapeutical drug monitoring and patient care in best possible way. Thus, the health profession is directly connected with pharmaceutical sciences with the aim to ensure the safe, effective, and affordable use of drugs.

Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. Cornelia M. Keck PhD Germany.

ISSN: 19204159
Key title: Journal of Applied Pharmacy
Key title abbreviation: J App Pharm
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Frequency: Annual 
Starting year: 2009
Nature: Online 
Submission: Online
Language: English

Subject and scope: Pharmaceutics, physical pharmacy, biopharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, medical & health sciences, organic chemistry, biochemistry, instrumentation, pharmacognosy, dosage forms science, microbiology & immunology, industrial pharmacy, pharmacology & therapeutics, dispensing, hospital/ clinical/ community/ administrative pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Quality Management, Forensic Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology and pharmacy practice.

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Vol. 14 (2022)
Published: 2022-02-10


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