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Consortium Publisher is an accredited publishing institution that professes the most current knowledge and management the research information. We process and publish the scientific research data obtained after successful completion of the projects of concerned fields. We cover a wide range of academic disciplines including business, management, humanities, health and social sciences. We are using the OJS of Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and our experts working to upgrade the OJS. Therefore submit article at

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Moreover, we are equipped with a team of experienced professional who maintain the standard of paper through a process of thorough peer review. We always seek to bridge and integrate the substantive diversity of scholar. That may potentially encourage the vigorous dialogue between scholars and practitioners all over the world to maximize the impact of their thoughtful ideas. Hence, we welcome you to publish with us and experience learning along with a promising professional experiences. You can reach to us (if needed) at following contacts,

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All journald of Consortium Pulisher Canada - ICDTD Inc are open access and comply with the definition of Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) to fulfil the requirements of open access. DOAJ is an independent database contains over 16500 peer-reviewed open access journals covering all areas of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts and humanities. Therefore, we grant the copyrights of scholarly published work for the usage of open license as described by Creative Commons. That allow the immediate free access to the work and permitting any user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles, crawl them for indexing, pass them as data to software, or use them for any other lawful purpose. Thus, our contents are freely available without subscription without delay.

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  • Advanced Business and Finance

    Advanced Business and Finance (ISSN: 2520-5951) is a double blind peer reviewed academic journal. Our main focus is to encourage research from areas of exploration and innovation as well as from more traditional areas of accounting, finance and financial planning research. This journal set different types of objectives including financial objectives, to give them a solid plan for moving in the direction of long-term success. Common financial business objectives include increasing revenue, increasing profit margins, retrenching in times of hardship and earning a return on investment.

  • Advanced Food and Nutritional Sciences

    Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences (ISSN 2563-1640) is a peer-reviewed open access journal published annually. It aims to foster a wider academic interest in food and nutrition field. Research articles, field process reports, short communications, book reviews, symposia proceedings and review articles are accepted in this journal. This journal protect the health and safety of consumers by reducing food-related risks as it supports public health by promoting healthy food choices; maintaining and enhancing the nutritional qualities of food and responding to specific public health concerns.

  • Journal of Applied Pharmacy

    Journal of Applied Pharmacy (19204159) is annually published journal started in 2009. This is highly indexed and recognized journal constituted by Consortium Publisher Canada. The pharmacy is the science and technology deal with the preparation, dispensing, and development of novel drugs and treatments. The pharmacist offer the pharmaceutical care, therapeutical drug monitoring and patient care in best possible way. Thus, the health profession is directly connected with pharmaceutical sciences with the aim to ensure the safe, effective, and affordable use of drugs.

  • Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences

    Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences (ISSN: 1925-7430) is an accredited online journal starred in 2011 and. The journal covers a wide range of life and biological sciences and publishes the accepted manuscripts yearly basis. The biological or life sciences comprised of study of life and organisms. Life sciences discoveries are helpful in improving the quality and standard of life, and have applications in health, agriculture, medicine, pharmaceutical and food science industries.

  • Advanced Journal of Biomedical Sciences

    Advanced Journal of Biomedical Sciences provides an open access. This peer-reviewed journal encompasses all fundamental and molecular aspects of basic medical sciences, emphasizing on providing the molecular studies of biomedical problems and molecular mechanisms.

  • Advanced Calculation and Analysis

    Advanced Calculation and Analysis (ISSN: 2520-596X) an online and annually published journal started in 2016. This is progressively growing journal with good indexing. Calculation is a deliberate process that transforms the inputs into final results with variable changes. The arithmetical calculation of algorithm is used to sort the vague heuristics. Whereas, the various analytical approaches adopted in scientific methods to break the complex data or substance into small parts to obtain the better understanding of results.

  • Journal of Applied Molecular Cell Biology

    Canadian Journal of Applied Molecular Cell Biology (ISSN: 2412-2580) is a peer-reviewed journal in the interdisciplinary science of cell the functional unit of life. It integrate the knowledge of molecular biology, biophysics, biochemistry, enzymology, physiology and biotechnology. We publish the contents describing the dynamic cell and tissue biology that applied to human, animals, plants tissues as well to microbial cells. The journal is therefore open to intense interdisciplinary exchanges in medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacological, botanical and biological researches for the demonstration of these multiple links.

  • Journal of Experimental Physics

    Journal of Experimental Physics (ISSN: 2520-5994) includes all the disciplines and sub-disciplines in the field of physics that are concerned with the observation of physical phenomena and experiments. It provides us with knowledge of the physical world, and it is experiment that provides the evidence that grounds this knowledge.

  • Advanced Humanities and Social Sciences

    The journal "Advanced Humanities and Social Sciences" (ISSN: 2520-5986) is a double blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal that explores the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. AHSS interprets these fields in an inclusive sense, in different theoretical, geographical and historical contexts. Its diversity is apparent in the variety of theories, methods and approaches, thus avoiding the frequent limitation to one school, approach or academic branch.

  • Teacher Research Journal

    Teacher Research Journal is an accreted journal recognized by miscellaneous professional bodies. It is annually published broad-spectrum, peer-reviewed scientific journal circulated electronically via the web The subscription to Advanced Education and Research is free of charge. Articles appeared individually as be accepted and ready for circulation.

  • Advanced Engineering and Technology

    Advanced Engineering and Technology Advanced Engineering and Technology is not limited to a specific aspect of engineering Technology but is instead devoted to a wide range of subfields in the engineering sciences. While it encourages a broad spectrum of contribution in the engineering and technologies, its core interest lies in issues concerning material modeling and response. Articles of interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome in Engineering And Technology Journal.

  • Advanced Geosciences

    Geosciences (ISSN: 2520-5978) is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal. It gives technical notes and review articles and discussions about all interdisciplinary aspects of the earth and planetary sciences. This comprises the solid earth, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the biosphere, as well as related issues of planetary and space sciences. In addition, it provides a particular place, and an advanced forum, for contributions on Earth history, natural hazards, geology-related environmental problems and geoethics, reflecting the wide scope and societal, educational, cultural and, in general, human implications of the cross-cutting nature of the issues.