It is a broad-spectrum, peer-reviewed journal circulated electronically via the web. Journal of Experimental Physics covers a wide spectrum of applied and experimental physics. The Editorial Board of Journal of Experimental Physics takes a very active role in selecting and refereeing papers, ensuring the best quality of contemporary applications. The scope and subject area of this journal is as under, 

Mechanic, Quantum mechanics,
Waves, Detector development,
Optics, Laser and x-rays,
Thermodynamics, Nuclear physics,
Electricity, Plasma,
Magnetism, Conducting matter,
Environmental physic, Material/  health/ high energy physics,
Electrodynamics, Mathematical methods of  physics,
Thermal physics, Modern physics,
Statistical physics, Classical mechanics,
Digital electronics, Spectroscopy,
Solid state physics, Computer programming,
Atomic physics,
Molecular physics,
Computational final physics, Computational physics and Detector development.